Hi, I’m Clayton Chew.

I solve problems through design and technology.

From software product management to project management, I have a broad specialization in design, technology, security and compliance with 8 years of experience.

Great product exists on a fine balance between design and technology.

Communicating your ideas to designers and developers, while keeping everyone on the same page are tough. Sometimes this leads to months-worth of no progress.

This is where I come in – best works are done when all stakeholders are all on the same page and knows how it is done. Whether it is about design, technology, security or compliance, I got these covered.

About Me

Featured Works


2015 to Present

I co-founded a FinTech company, PrimeKeeper, a marketplace banking platform that works closely with banks, financial service providers and retailers in Malaysia.

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Side-Scrolling Game Design Experiment


I designed a 2D side-scrolling game inspired by the classic Mario game and developed a proof of concept in Javascript, HTML canvas and WebGL.

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Bank Muamalat’s Internet Banking & Mobile Banking App


I worked with Bank Muamalat in creating new experiences with their internet banking and mobile banking app.

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2014 - 2015

I founded a social platform that rewards users each time they meet, face-to-face.

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