MobyPay + AiraPay


I was engaged to lead the design and development of new version 2.0 of 'Buy Now, Pay Later' platforms – MobyPay and AiraPay, founded in Malaysia.

The design and development of both platforms were completed in 3 months, and successfully launched in June 2022.


The company, Moby Group, operates two 'Buy Now, Pay Later' (BNPL) platforms – MobyPay (Moby Money Sdn Bhd) and AiraPay (Aira Fintech Sdn Bhd).

MobyPay is a BNPL platform allowing customers to make purchases with up to 6 months installment plan at 0% interest fee, whereas AiraPay is the only Shariah-compliant BNPL in Malaysia that allows customers to pay for purchases in instalments.

My Role & Responsibilities

  • I took control of the project from their existing vendor, development started in early April 2022, successful launch of both platforms – MobyPay v2 and AiraPay v2, in late June 2022. (3 months to market)
  • I designed and defined technical requirements of the platform, overseeing the technical specifications of the platform.
  • I completely re-designed the user experience of the platform, from the ground up, to ensure the platform is easy to use and intuitive, as well as giving the platform a fresh modern look.
  • I managed both vendors and in-house engineering team, code reviews, resolves challenges to ensure they are on the path toward resolutions.
  • I worked closely with business, operation and engineering team by gathering requirements, managing processes and ensure communications between teams are aligned.