2014 - 2015

I founded a social platform, Bojio that rewards users each time they meet, face-to-face.


Bojio embraces the value of physical meets and hangouts. Bojio incentivises users with rewards (i.e. points) whenever they meet someone out in the open world. The mechanics are simple – simply scan the person you meet with a QR code and earn points. Points can be used to exchange with cash, vouchers or gifts.

The uniqueness of Bojio is an algorithm that determines the weighted tier of points to be earned based on how popular you are and the person you are meeting. In short, the more popular you are (or the person you are meeting), the more points you earn. This incentives users to hangout often and meet new people.

Points can also be exchanged with discounts at participating retail merchant outlets, which in return, drives traffic to participating merchants.

A social experiment turned viral

The social platform was initially developed and launched as a social experiment. Within 3 weeks after its launch, the platform grew viral with 30,000+ active users on the platform.

Bojio App Screenshots

My Responsibilities

  • I designed the Bojio brand and the user experience of the platform.
  • I led a team of developers in building the platform.

Bojio was acquired in the end.

The social platform, Bojio was later acquired by a Penang company in 2015.